The Bold and The Determined

Campaign Session 1

First Steps

News Report at 10:00 PM

New supergroup SABRE foiled a robbery of a private bank by Sparkler and hired henchmen mid-afternoon today. While Sparkler was captured, three of her men escaped with ~$9 million in bearer bonds. Additionally, nearly $900,000.00 was lost when the bank robbers dumped nearly all the cash in the bank off the 10th floor balcony to crowds on the streets below. The CCPD believe the money drop was a distraction designed to obscure the thieves’ escape plan. The potential rioting the money drop could have caused was avoided by the efforts of Max Powers (of Futuretech Systems and leader of SABRE).

In similar news, The Capitol City Museum of History may have been the sight of a conflict between two violent cults. Approximately 30 minutes before the Museum was scheduled to close, violence broke out in the Meso-American exhibit hall. Two Museum employees and one of the cultists died during the altercation. The CCPD announced the arrest of four cultists at the scene, but have not provided any information about who was actually involved. It was later found that the Museum’s digital footage had been tampered with and identification of the second group of cultists is at a standstill.

The Real Story


Alerted by Max Power’s second-in-command, Fletcher Davis, to a robbery in progress of the Imperial Brokers private bank in Downtown by Sparkler, SABRE debuted to the Public. With the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Special Unit One in Baltimore, there was an excellent opportunity for SABRE to capture Sparkler and establish their reputation.

As SABRE was arriving, the CCPD chopper circling the building was shot and started to crash land. Sentinel and Mars were able to work together and set the damaged helicopter down safely.

White Shade arrived at the bank first and was nearly knocked cross-eyed by Sparkler’s initial attack. Mars quickly joined the fight on the 10th floor balcony of the building, and nearly as quickly was shot off the building by two henchmen with blaster assault rifles. Other than leaving a Mars-sized crater in the cement, Mars was unhurt. He was in the perfect position to catch the falling Sentinel, who was stunned by an autofire fireworks attack from Sparkler and fell to the ground. Shaking clear his head, Sentinel regained his senses in time for Mars to throw him back towards the 10th floor, regaining flight stability at the level of the 8th floor. With the two heroes on the ground and White Shade no where to be seen (she was covering the far side of the building where two henchmen were dumping literally millions of dollars in cash to the streets below), Sparkler decided it was time to leave. She and the two hirelings there shouldered backpacks full of bearer bonds and donned gliderwings. Sparkler left first and was immediately pursued by Mars and Sentinel.

Meanwhile, White Shade had used her mental powers to convince one of the remaining henchmen to go back in for more cash to drop. He and his cohort went back inside, allowing her to land and follow. Inside the bank she used a mental entangle to paralyze one of them. The other had moved out of her view, so she blocked the perception of her from sight (invisibility only versus people she is aware of) and pursued the remaining henchman. She found him just in time to see him finish donning a gliderwing and leap over the balcony. She made a last ditch attempt to mind control him, but did not get the desired effect.

By this point, Mars and Sentinel captured the blinded Sparkler (from a flash attack by Sentinel). They saw the three henchmen escaping with via gliderwings, but were too far away to capture them before they landed and escaped.

Max Power had arrived with a SABRE Response Team and was able to disperse the crowd grabbing the falling money. The crowd left with full pockets, but what could have been full on riots were averted. Max then proceeded up the emergency stairs to the 7th floor where the CCPD were hacking away at a hardened foam that was blocking the top three flights of stairs. There he was able to mix up a solvent to clear the stairs in minutes instead of hours, allowing those on the 8th and 9th floors to evacuate.

Max had his people work with the CCPD to collect evidence, including tracking down the serial numbers of many of the missing bearer bonds (a number of which belonged to Max’s company, Futuretech Systems). Most of the equipment used in the robbery were commercially available. The gliderwings are high-end sporting equipment (which investigation showed were paid for in cash), the foaming agent is used by airports to slow landing aircraft in distress (stolen from the Warren G. Harding International Airport two days earlier), and the elevator cables were cut with commercial cable cutters (also purchased with cash). The blaster assault rifles were another matter. Max had materials experts in his employ assist the police in examining the captured blaster assault rifle. They had no identifying marks whatsoever.

Max and Sentinel are researching what materials would be necessary to manufacture the blaster rifles. They plan on using this information to track down potential manufacturing sites of these highly illegal weapons. Max is also interested in getting Micronetics (a nanotech research firm) to perform R&D on a better solvent, one that can be programmed to a specific substance. He will offer to fund the research and claim only partial ownership of the research results.

The Determined

Tipped off at nearly the last minute that DEMON was targeting the Capitol City Museum of History (CCMoH) for a theft, The Determined headed to the Museum to stop DEMON. The Priest identified the Meso-American exhibit, “Ceremony – 4000 Years of Religion”, as the likely target. He purchased tickets for all four team members and they headed up to the 3rd floor to see the exhibit.

Brick moved through the exhibit quickly, looking for trouble and identifying the security set up. The Priest moved through a bit slower, checking the items on display for auras indicating supernatural possession. Dart and Bruiser used the available headsets to view the displays. Shortly after Brick completed her initial pass through the exhibit, five robed and hooded individuals stepped through a concealed door from the employees section of the building. The security guard in the room questioned their appearance. He was told they were an inventory crew and it was OK for them to be there. The hairs on the back of The Priest’s neck rose, indicating magic was in use. Viewing the speaker through his Guisemann Lenses, The Priest saw that the man was possessed by a demon, granting infernal power. He relayed this information to the rest of the team via headset communicator.

While the team was trying to decide if now was the time for action, two of the robed men advanced on one of the displayed and smashed it open. This upset the guard again, and he nearly shook off the magics affecting him. He was killed by a blast from a wand by one of the robed figures for his troubles, killing the guard instantly. This blatant use of deadly magic was all the Determined needed and they sprung to the attack.

In the ensuing fight, Dart was seriously wounded, took down many of the goons with his martial arts, and was eventually mind controlled to attack Bruiser to minimal effect. The possessed man used the unholy magics at his disposal to make life painful for Bruiser. Brick lost her temper with the last goon standing when he took a hostage and shot the goon twice and the hostage once (not necessarily in that order). After the goon killed the hostage, Dart ran by the goon and martial threw him into a display case, killing the goon and ending the fight.

The Priest and Brick emptied the goons pockets and took their magical implements, including an obsidian knife the goons had lifted from the display case they broke open. The team left the building via the emergency stairs with the last of the bystanders. Outside they quickly left the area.

Brick remotely hacked the CCMoH security systems and altered their digital tapes to obscure the ID of the Determined, but leave the rest clear to see. She also obscured her electronic tracks to make it difficult to trace the intrusion back to her (-2 to track back for investigators). The Priest’s occult bookstore owner contact, Ray, successfully ID’d the Obsidian Blade and the two other items DEMON will need to complete the ritual to contact the Mayan Lords of Death through a book written by the Portuguese scholar Calado in the late 1600’s. The first item is the Grolier Codex, which is currently on loan in Baltimore. The other item is a stela from Copan mentioned in Calado’s book. Ray is trying to track down the stela as it “disappeared” in the late 1800’s, which usually indicates it was stolen and sold to a private collector. The Priest also contacts the Bishop to inform him what was going on. Finally, The Priest made photocopies of the wallet contents of the goons and sent the originals to his contact on the CCPD.

Brick contacted Uncle Vin, a long time friend and “person who knows people”, to track down an art forger to create an exact replica of the Obsidian Blade. The plan is to return the duplicate and hide the original someplace safe to keep it out of DEMON’s hands. Brick also heard through the CC underground that VIPER stole equipment necessary to create/duplicate very high end security passes. That theft happened at exactly the same time as the private bank job earlier in the day. She made note of the information, not having any other use for it.


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