The Bold and The Determined

Campaign Session 3

Obsidian Blade, Part 3

The December session changed to a boardgaming session as a player critical for half the adventure was not available. This happened January 9, 2010. The same player was unable to make, but by concentrating solely on The Determined, we were able to play.

Channel 12 News at 10:00 PM

As reported yesterday, the Kreeger Museum, a private, non-profit art museum located in the former residence of David and Carmen Kreeger was robbed in a daring daylight attack. The only item reported stolen was Copan Stela #23, which shows the court of King Jaguar Mirror who ruled Copan from 504 to 544 AD. It was one of the few Pre-Colombian pieces the museum owns and was collected by the Kreegers for the mural. Washington, D.C. police are still investigating and have made no public comments beyond confirming the stela was stolen.

In a breaking story, the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore was attacked this evening, just after closing for the day. Witnesses heard gunfire and the museum’s alarm system activate and called the Baltimore Police Department. Baltimore PD have confirmed an attempted theft at the Walters Art Museum that was interrupted by the museum’s curator, Mister Johnathan Stibbons. Exactly what happened after that, no one is saying, other than the thieves were stopped and none of the items in the museum’s possession were damaged or taken. Some damage was reported in the staff areas of the museum, but again, no specifics were given. A member of the museum staff, speaking under terms of anonymity, told Channel 12 that the museum curator was meeting with a private party when the attempted theft was discovered. The suspects were wearing robes and hoods and appeared to be members of a cult.

Three days ago, an obsidian blade was stolen from the Capitol City Museum of History. Again, by cultists of some sorts.

This is the third high profile museum robbery in as many days by cultists. They appear to be targeting items of Mayan origin. Museums across the Mid-Atlantic states are now increasing their security and closing any displays of Mayan artifacts. Where will these cultists strike next? Stay tuned as Channel 12 continues to follow the story.

The Real Story

The Determined

The following activities took place March 5, 2009, three days after the attempted theft of the obsidian blade at the Capitol City Museum of History.

As promised, Bishop Compagnoni provided an introduction with the curator of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Mr. Johnathan Stibbons. The Priest, Brick, and Dart were able to travel to Baltimore to make the meeting. At the museum, the three were escorted up to the fourth floor to meet Mr. Stibbons and explain the nature of their meeting.

Mr. Stibbons was frankly unbelieving that anyone would attempt to steal the Grolier Codex while it was being restored at the museum, nor did he believe they would be able to get past the museums security. He was escorting the group back into the restoration area when a small shelving unit crashed into the wall in front of him.

Dart immediately sprung into action, darting into the room past the very surprised Mr. Stibbons, scoping out the situation, shouting a taunt, and then exiting the room, pulling Mr. Stibbons out of the doorway and back to safety. Brick and The Priest took positions flanking the door, automatic pistol and holy shotgun drawn, respectively. When two goons in DEMON robes stepped into the doorway to find out what was going on, Dart knocked them down and The Priest and Brick took them out. The robbers knocked over heavy worktables for cover and waited for whoever was out there to enter the room. The heroes obliged.

In the ensuing fight, the heroes gained an early upper hand as Dart and Brick took out the flunkies while The Priest laid out some holy shotgun mojo on the man later identified as Brother Snake. While the flunkies went down easy, Brother Snake literally laughed at all attacks thrown at him while attempting to mentally dominate the heroes.

At first it didn’t work, but eventually Brother Snake tried on the right person, ordering Brick to shoot Dart. Brick’s hatred of gang-bangers for killing the only boy she ever loved boiled to the surface and she gladly started shooting at Dart, the ex-gang member. Dart attempted to break the effect by fleeing the room, thinking if Brick had no target, the mind control would drop. Didn’t work out that way. Brick pursued Dart into the other room, gun in one hand and anger in her heart. Everything Dart did to keep her from shooting him only triggered more of her psychological triggers.

Deciding that what he was doing wasn’t working, he charged back into the restoration area to take down Brother Snake. Brother Snake instead mind controlled Dart and ordered him to attack The Priest, who had been whittling away at Brother Snake’s defenses. This worked just long enough for Dart to lay out The Priest. Then Dart turned on Brother Snake, eventually taking the cultist out with a rapid fire series of punches, before Brick finally shot Dart down. This allowed Brick just enough mental control to not finish Dart off.

During the aftermath, The Priest was revived and banished the demon possessing Brother Snake, eliminating most of the cultist’s powers. One of the researchers was fascinated by The Priest’s use of an old New York Subway Token as the focus for the ritual, the rest were happy to scramble out of there to safety. Mr. Stibbons smoothed things over with the police and promised to contact the owners of the Grolier Codex with The Priest’s warning that it was still a target.

Deciding that the only way to stop this threat was to take the fight to DEMON, the three heroes started working their contacts and hitting the pavement, looking for where DEMON operating. They followed the clues to the northwest corner Monastery Hill neighborhood of Capitol City. Seeking better knowledge about the insular neighborhood, investigation into the neighborhood newsletter led the heroes to the Monastery of Saint George the Martyr, built on the site of the old Carmelite Monastery. The receiving monk recognized The Priest and was interested in what brought him to the monastery. After some discussion in a side courtyard, the heroes learned a bit about some unusual findings in the neighborhood. Children had found a pile of painted plaster with Mayan images on the plaster fragments. The location of this finding was very near a building Brick had identified as interesting by hacking various databases online. The monks were clearly upset about someone attempting to open a gate inside the bounds of Monastery Hill and agreed to supply the group with charms against evil for the duration of their investigations.

The Determined started scouting out the brownstone in the northwest corner of the Monastery Hill neighborhood. It sits four lots in from the corner and has a bad reputation with the street people in the area, who avoid that entire block as a result. Brick was observing the area in disguise at a small street café while The Priest questioned the street folk on an adjacent block.

At the same time, Dart was scoping out the narrow alley behind the buildings. He realized he was being followed and started looking for a place to loose his tail once he left the alley, only to be facing over 10 members of the Green Street Tigers and Sying Wu, the only other survivor of the Storm Dragon Dojo and who blamed Dart for the death of their Sifu. Sying Wu called out Dart on the street. Dart chided Sying Wu for needing help. Sying Wu retorted, “They are not here for you. They are here for your red-headed girlfriend.”

Needless to say, this got Brick’s attention and ire. She quickly maneuvered into a better approach and prepared to assist Dart in his Kung Fu Showdown!


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