The Bold and The Determined

Countdown to Campaign - ~6 weeks

As we were not able to run the Pathfinder game today (missing player), we did work on the Champions game. Here is what we have now:

The Bold:
The White Shade – one-time Miss America, forced to return her crown due to allegations of using “mental powers” in order to win (Mentalist)
“Mars” Gordon – pro-wrestler turned superhero (Brick)
Flux – early hero suffering from amnesia and power malfunction (Blaster)
? – dotcom millionaire and team founder (Trained Normal)
? – (Undecided)
? – (Undecided)

The Determined:
Brick – gang-hater with strong gun-fu skills (Brick)
Dart – ex-ganger, seeks the “Gene Cops” who killed his sufi (Martial Artist/Speedster)
The Priest – ex-communicated monster hunter with a holy shotgun (Blaster)
? – (Undecided)
? – (Undecided)
? – (Undecided)


PatrickW PatrickW

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