Atomic Beetle

A destructive brute


Little specific is known about the Atomic Beetle other than he wears a suit of powered armor of unknown origin and is highly resistant to damage.

The Atomic Beetle was originally active in the early 70’s, although PRIMUS kept his activities hidden during that time as part of their mandate to keep the general public unaware of metahuman activities. At some point the Atomic Beetle disappeared until resurfacing in the mid-80s. Once again, PRIMUS kept hime from appearing in the news or official records. He disappeared once again in the early 90s, several years before the Guardian Incident.

Recently, the Atomic Beetle has been seen once again, ripping into banks to rob them. After his initial solo appearances, he started appearing with a group of technology based villains. These villains have run into Sentinel in the past.

Atomic Beetle

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