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  • Agencies and Organizations

    Definite inclusions, in no particular order:
    * [[inGENEuity]] * [[PSI]] * [[DEMON]] * [[Summoner]] * The [[Bardalucci Crime Family]] * [[KRAKEN]] * [[PRIMUS]] * [[Institute for Human Advancement]] Possible later inclusions: …

  • inGENEuity

    A genetic research corporation, currently specializing in birth defect identification and gene therapy. Return to [[Agencies and Organizations]]


    Originally a covert military organization tasked by President Johnson with keeping the world unaware of metahumans by whatever means necessary, PRIMUS was lost its covert status in April of 2005. In the resulting scandal, PRIMUS was nearly dissolved and …


    An organized group of Satanists seeking power and wealth, both as individuals and as an organization. They have access to working magic of the darkest kind and seem willing to kill easily. Return to [[Agencies and Organizations]]