Welcome to my new Champions Campaign:

The Bold and The Determined!

This campaign has started!

It is modern day, but ten years ago actual superheroes have appeared. The Guardian Incident was the first massively public confrontation between a superhero and a supervillain. Since that event, more heroes have stepped out of the twilight and into the full light of day and there is intense public discussion about them. Some aren’t certain that they are a better solution that just hiring more police, some believe the police cannot handle everything and the superheroes are necessary. No one denies that metahumans exist anymore, they just aren’t entirely certain why and what should be done about it.

This campaign concentrates on two superhero teams, both patrolling the same city: Capital City, Maryland, a city with a long-but-hidden history of corruption. The first group “fights the good fight” and does their best to put a good foot forward for superheroes everywhere (or at least get some really good press coverage to start their celebrity career). These are the bright and shiny heroes (at least in front of the cameras), forged into a team by a man with the money to fund the project and a dream to do good.

The second group has a more direct mission – put a stop to the villain agencies and criminal cartels running the city! Each member of this team has a different beef to pick, but they all recognize that they can only achieve their goals as a group and only if they are discrete – the bad guys outnumber and out-gun them by 100 to 1.

Players have a PC on each team and game sessions will swing between teams as the GM and the players spin out goals and adventures.

Welcome to Capital City – try not to get subverted.

The Bold and The Determined

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