The First Public Superhero


Since the Guardian Incident, Guardian has been the template for most superhero behaviors.

When the press started referring to him as Guardian, he stuck with it. He originally hesitated to give his real name to protect his family from paparazzi, but later realized there were dangers more real than photographers. In 2000, there was a woman claiming to be his wife and pregnant with his child. She wasn’t, but before Guardian could work out a resolution, Lord Synthetic attacked and killed the woman and the unborn child as revenge for the Guardian Incident. For this reason, Guardian and virtually all superheroes used a nom de guerre to protect their families and loved ones.

Guardian has repeatedly declined rewards, asking that any monies be donated to appropriate charities instead, usually to help the victims of whatever crime he has stopped. As a result, few superheroes will accept pay for their work (even though they sometimes could really use it).


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